Discover grace, masterpiece of art and a passion for high fashion in the imaginary world of Areyah, the flower blossoms garden of poetry and timeless elegance.
Created from the treasured moment of countless Thai Orchid blooms, Areyah represents beautifully sentimental appeal of perfectly poised yet feminine and charming nature embodies to each design’s essence.
The endless exquisite collection that keeps your beautiful memories for eternity. The signature delicate collection represents each sophisticated lady, whose charm and beauty are the perfect creation of love celebrating her uniqueness and happiness.


Uniting traditional craftsmanship with finest Thai leather making tradition, the skilled hands of Areyah’s expert create an exceptional piece of art that truly empower ladies’ elegance though their appeal & apparel.
As artisans dedicated to the detailed crafting of precious exotic leather and its luxuries details,
Passion and knowledge are the pursuit of ultimate performance of our craftsman. Each knit, embellish and braid tells its story of exotic leather pieces we put our heart in the making.


In Areyah our policy is to provide the Immaculately crafted with an eye for refined detail, these outstanding pieces crafted the art form.

Testify to feminine taste and personal style. Areyah leather work shimmers in all the colours of the Orchid that depending on the incident of sunlight to shine each ladies’ style and their unique personality, a fascinating sparkle of glam and beauty. Areyah finest style and beauty is the reputation of our trademark for sophisticated dreamers.

Each of our collection Taking its name from its inflorescence of Orchid, we believe every ladies are representing the beauty exceptional and sophistication likes flower, like orchid, the flower of wisdom, beauty and elegance.


Areyah is the reflection of feminine’s charm and passion.
It represents the platform to share this happiness and passion with our closest companion.
Honesty is our philosophy in foundation of the business, In Areyah we use only the genuine & finest quality of element to produce our pride for the brand